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Bring 100% Fruit Juice Slushies to Your School

Slushie Spot for Schools is NOW Frosty Fruit!

We are your #1 School Fundraising Source!

New Federal Food Nutrition Guidelines for schools that went into effect as of July 1, 2014. This is a huge change effecting all schools. The Slushie Spot 100% Juice Slushie mix exceeds these new guidelines and is considered an approved beverage containing no added sugar.The Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks have been determined by the USDA, Food and Nutrition Service to be in compliance with the federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools. Add Slushie Spot 100% Juice (no sugar added) Frozen Drinks in your school and stay compliant with new guidelines.

Offer your students a healthy drink alternative that tastes great and is fun to drink. Plus, you also generate additional revenue for your school.

Our Slushie drinks are made from 100% fruit juice with no added sugars.

Slushie Spot is an easy, fun, and healthy way to raise money for your school or organization!
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All 100% juice concentrate mixes are shelf stable at normal room temperatures.  These are the perfect treat to add to your school cafeteria, concession stand, or kids party!Whether you are a High School, Middle School or Elementary School, your students will love our slushies and want to come back for more!

Frosty Fruit is a family owned and operated business, passionate about frozen drinks and making a positive impact in our communities.   Although Frosty Fruit has been in existence since 2005 serving schools nationwide with slush machines and 100% fruit juice mixes, in July of 2018 our family became new owners of the company when we merged our previous company, Slushie Spot, and Frosty Fruit together into one company.  Our commitment is to deliver high quality machines, the best products and top notch service to ALL of our customers both small and large.  We want to see all of our customers’ programs, business ventures, and events succeed beyond their wildest imaginations.

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