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Mission & Core Values

Our Mission:

Slushie Spot’s mission is to deliver high-quality machines, the best products, and top-notch service to ALL of our customers both small and large.  We want to see all of our customers’ programs, business ventures, and events succeed beyond their wildest imaginations. 


Our Core values:


The heart of service at Slushie Spot is about giving, not receiving.  To us, service means working hard and giving of ourselves to exceed the expectations of all those we come in contact with. 


If we say it, we will do it!  We believe our company will only be as good as the promises it keeps.  We believe integrity is the foundation on which trust is built and business relationships grow.


We will always treat others as we would want to be treated.  Customers, employees, and vendors are all a valued part of our business and will always be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Furthermore, it is a privilege to be asked to enter another’s property, whether it be a place of business, their home, or school.  We will take care to ensure their property is always taken care of and left in the condition we found it in or better.


Right relationships drive everything.  We value people above and beyond our business.  Our goal is to build and maintain relationships with our customers and clients to see mutual growth and success.